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What Hangers are Best for Clothes

One of The important factors that will make a huge difference in your closets Appearance and organization. Is which type of hangers you are using,

Well, most of the standard hangers in the market. Will buckle under the weight of heavier clothing very easily, and if the hanger is strong enough to hold heavier clothing, Then most of the time the hangars will be very bulky and not Space-saving, 

For that reason, our team of designers worked on designing The glomery premium quality Space-saving velvet hanger, And for the last few years, this product was a game-changer in the market, the hangar was designed to be strong enough to hold up to 10 pounds, and from the other end it’s sleek and thin to save on space. it can free up 50% of your closet space! This modern hanger will also add a very sleek and modern look to your closets,

So, when you want to upgrade your closets,  make sure to add this Space Saving Velvet Hangers to your list,  we guarantee you will love it!


Here are some more choices 

Wood Hanger

Wood hangers are a great choice for clothes that are heavy,  They enhance the sense of organization and stylish look to closest and tolerates more weight than metal or plastic hangers. Wood hangers are available in various finishes. They are designed with a flat profile so as to reduce wasted space and help you maintain a clutter-free closet, Every wood hanger one has a chrome swivel neck which does not rust, so in some cases, this will be a perfect choice, but if you have limited space this won’t be the best solution,





Plastic Hanger

Plastic hangers are a very affordable way of hanging your clothes. They are made in the most ideal size for every closet. Plastic hangers are available in double hook on both sides so that you can hang skirts or anything that has loops. They are made with double plastic so they will be able to carry or hang heavy weighted items. This is an affordable hanger that can hold most clothing in the closet. but they are not very classy,

So Why Use Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are classy, and they are a great choice for delicate clothes such as dresses and camisoles that are exposed to slippage in the closet. They are also space saving because they use less of a profile than wood and plastic hangers. Velvet hangers can hold up to 10 pounds of weight, in spite of its lightweight frame. They look stylish in any closet, and on freestanding garment racks. Users testify that they do a great job at keeping clothes from falling off, even when heavy wool coats. If you are looking for quality and stylish Velvet hangers at affordable prices, Velvet Hangers are the best choice for you. We have a wide range of velvet hangers, available in different styles. You can match your clothes with our velvet hangers for a seamless look in the closet.





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